On-Demand Webinar Series

Addressing Gaps in Learning Webinar Series

As we move toward resuming school in the fall, educators are concerned about how to address gaps in student learning due to the wide variety of access and participation in remote learning at the end of the 2019-20 school year.

Part 1 | Curriculum Alignment

In the first of this three-part series, we examine the importance of vertically aligned curriculum. A viable curriculum, intentionally aligned to rigorous standards both within and across grade levels, is key to the success of schools identifying gaps in learning and how to address those gaps upon students’ return to school. Panelists representing state departments of education, districts, and Cognia share recommendations for facilitating intentional curriculum alignment for the coming school year. 

Part 2 | Formative Assessment

In this second webinar of the three-part series, we investigate how formative assessment processes can be used to help educators identify students’ knowledge in foundational concepts that will support their success in the coming year. By identifying priority standards from an aligned curriculum, educators can use just-in-time formative assessment to gauge what students already know, where there are gaps in learning, and how best to design instruction to ensure success. This panel provides perspectives from the state department to the school level on the use of effective formative assessment. 

Part 3 | Differentiated Instruction

With the advent of a new school year responding to unprecedented circumstances, schools are thinking about how to ensure instruction addresses gaps in learning due to COVID. In this final webinar of the three-part series, we discuss the benefits of differentiated instruction and how it supports accelerated learning versus remediation. Panelists share strategies for using differentiated learning through a lens of acceleration.  

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