On-Demand Webinar

Schooled: Students Speak Up

The upheaval and anxiety caused by the pandemic has impacted students’ lives more than we can imagine. With approximately nine out of ten students worldwide out of school because of the Coronavirus, it is more important than ever to focus on the learners. This webinar gives us, the adults, an opportunity to hear firsthand from high school students about how their lives have changed—how they feel about learning from home, missing school events, and being separated from their friends.

Hear the voices of eight students from around the world who are unknown to each other but who may share similar experiences and emotions.

This panel, moderated by Cognia’s CEO and President, Dr. Mark Elgart, is the first-ever live global student panel offered by Cognia™. Be part of this experience to learn what it is like to be a high school student during this time when their school experience—perhaps their senior year—has been forever changed.

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